What is Easybasket?

Easybasket is a simplified form of basketball and an innovative approach to teaching younger children basketball. The approach is conceived of, produced, and used by the FIP, The Italian Basketball Federation. It is applicable both in schools and in the daily activities in the participating basketball clubs.

Easybasket is a new and different approach to involving children in the gym and to helping them to quickly becoming comfortable with playing the sport.

Easybasket is the simplest approach to the ball, to the basket, to friends, to opponents and to the few rules that should be known and respected.

To facilitate the approach the rules must be adjusted to the abilities of the children and simplified so that they can gradually learn about the game. Easybasket describes a new method to introduce the children to the sport, fair play and respect for the rules as well as working with others considering their needs and dreams.



The values of Easybasket

The basic task of Easybasket is to emphasize the educational elements as well as the elements in practice which must be present to develop the children.

With Easybasket children must be moved closer to sport by stimulation their cognitive and general functions. Easybasket should also help them to achieve sufficient autonomy in the game situations that they will face.

This vision supports the teachers and coaches in the task of teaching Easybasket and basic motor development with the ball becomes an essential task. Easybasket wants to offer coaches an effective didactical and methodological tool that is helpful in developing children.

Easybasket and Life Skills

To involve and move the youngest children closer to basketball is important and necessary for clubs. Encouraging disciplined basketball must however not block the vision of Easybasket.

To play and experience sport for a child should first and foremost develop them and support their continued path in life by giving them essential tools they can use.

Important words such as INDEPENDENCE – RESPONSIBILITY and COLLABORATION cannot and must not be empty and meaningless words but should be used and supported daily by coaches.

Easybasket is not just basketball. Easybasket is created:

  • to play
  • to develop
  • for life