Through the streets of the city

All children have a ball and the ball is perceived as being a car and it must be dribbled when moving. Children and car scan move around freely in the city (on the court) except in the pedestrian zones which are inside the paint under the baskets (the two 3 second areas).

Parking lots

Some hula hoops (or other rings) are placed at the end of the court close to the pedestrian zone. When a child wants to park, then he/she can do so by placing the ball in an empty hoop. After placing the ball, he/she can walk without a ball within the pedestrian zone. At any time, the children can leave the pedestrian zone by picking up the ball and moving around the city again.

Beware of the roundabouts

Groups of low-profile cones are placed in the half court circle and are roundabouts. While the children are moving around the city, they must use the roundabouts to keep moving into traffic again.Traffic cops:

1-2 of the children who are picked by the coach and have no ball take one of the red low-profile cones and become a traffic cop. Traffic cops can move freely around the city and they can stop the other children and check their “driver´s licenses” and then release them again.

The V.I.P. cars

1-2 children who are picked by the coach and still have a ball take one of the blue low-profile cones and place it over their head and become V.I.P. cars. The V.I.P. cars are very important since they must ensure that the others who are moving around the city do not get too close to each other.


One child picked by the coach and still have a ball takes one of the yellow low-profile cones and becomes an ambulance. He/she can at any time start the siren by waving the cone and making the sound of a siren. All other cars have to move and let the ambulance get by.

Didactic Focusing: quick change the  roles in the court.